LP Press May 5, 2017


LP Press May 5, 2017

A note from the student Principal For The Day, Theo J. . .

Good afternoon LP families! Today we had the WSM. The Battle of the Books people did a good job. The 4/5’s sang a song about the Revolutionary war. The K/1’s sang a song about the solar system. There were a lot of volunteers for the Pigs & Noodles challenge. They all did a good job. Thank you volunteers for helping Lincoln Prairie be awesome. The last WSM will be on Thursday, June 1st at 1:10pm. Thank you for reading this.

A note from the other principals, Mrs. Stochl & Ms. Gluff. . .

On behalf of the entire staff we wanted to share our sincerest gratitude for how you showered us with appreciation this week. The meals you prepared throughout the week were such a special treat. Not only did we not have to think about preparing meals ourselves this week, but it showed how much you care. So many of you spent money and time to create an experience for us. We spent more time together eating this week, which often times we do not make time for. We also got a glimpse into some of the wonderful meals you make for your families.

We are heading into the weekend feeling very loved!

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