Welcome Back!

August 12, 2017

Welcome Back! We have just a few short weeks until we are back together once again! Highlights to my summer included taking a road trip out east, stopping in Gettysburg and ending the trip in Niagara Falls. Some of my favorite days were at home, watching my son play with friends and being able to start and end a conversation with my husband without the interruptions of life! I hope you found the summer just as enjoyable! Although some down time is a joy to have during the summer, I have been looking forward to returning to the newness of another school year!

On the school side, much is already being done in preparation for the 2017-2018 school year. Lincoln Prairie staff members have been meeting to plan for the year, many have taken classes and workshops to better themselves professionally and are looking forward to our annual staff retreat later this week! Planning for the experiences that await your children and family is one of the most rewarding parts of our preparations for the upcoming school year. PTSA committees have been meeting in an effort to create memorable events for our community this summer as well.

As you already know, we are welcoming some new faces and names to our Lincoln Prairie family this year! Carol Novak has joined LP as our new Assistant Principal. Katie Lehman and Maria Narish are joining the K/1 team. Lianne Paterson is taking on our School Psychologist role and Sydnie Reynolds is our new Instrumental Music teacher. Please join me in welcoming them to Lincoln Prairie. We also welcomed Madeline Shanahan, Mrs. Shanahan’s new daughter and Everly Brosk, Mrs. Brosk’s new daughter to the LP family.

District 54 is aware that the first day of school for most of our students, Monday – August 21, is the day of the solar eclipse. During a total solar eclipse the moon lines up with the sun, blocking the sun from view. Our community is not on the path of totality (the closest area is Carbondale, Illinois), which means those in the District 54 community would only see a partial eclipse (the moon will not fully cover the sun). The partial eclipse will be viewable in our area from 11:53 a.m. to 2:41 p.m.

Looking directly at the sun is never safe and it would be impossible for staff to ensure that children are not watching the changes in the sky that occur with even a partial eclipse. Therefore, we will be keeping students inside for recess and lunch on August 21. Students will have the opportunity to view the eclipse through NASA’s website at Some parents have expressed a desire to keep their students home and travel to see the eclipse. Parents have the right to make this decision for their children and we will be happy to welcome their students on August 22.

~ Please mark your calendars with the following dates ~

Supply Day Drop Off Flyer

Supply Day Drop Off Flyer

Thursday, August 17th Back to School Community Picnic
5-6pm Supply Drop Off. 6pm Picnic

Monday, August 21st 1st-8th Grade FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL
Monday, August 28th Kindergarten FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL
9:15am Boo Hoo/Yahoo Brunch!
Wednesday, August 30th 2/3 Curriculum Night @ 5:45pm
Friday, September 1st First Whole School Meeting @ 11:40am
Monday, September 4th NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, September 5th Middle Level Curriculum Night @ 5:45pm
Middle Level Sports Meeting, immediately following
Wednesday, September 6th K/1 Curriculum Night @ 5:45pm
Monday, September 11th 7pm PTSA Meeting **Childcare Provided**
Thursday, September 14th 4/5 Curriculum Night @ 5:45 pm
Wednesday, September 20th 12:15pm Early Dismissal
Sunday, September 24th Run to Read

We hope to see parents and families at the events listed above. The information presented and available at these events are sure to provide you with all the tools you need to help your child(ren) be successful this year. As parents, you will also have opportunities to sign up for conferences, volunteer and/or get to know other parents, staff members and families better!

We hope as you plan for the year, you recognize the power that exists when we work collaboratively on behalf of our children. Here’s to a fabulous year!


Amanda Stochl