Parent Teacher Student Association

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Lincoln Prairie was the first school in District 54 to have a Parent Teacher Student Association (click here for an overview.) We know the advantages of having our children be active participants not only in their education, but also in their community. Lincoln Prairie students grow up surrounded by proof of how service to the community makes a difference in their lives and the lives of others.  Our student body is represented at Parent Teacher Student Association monthly meetings by members of the Student Leadership Council.

The core goals of the Lincoln Prairie Parent Teacher Student Association are:

  • Support the efforts of teachers, administration and staff at Lincoln Prairie in the education of our children.
  • Help to maintain parent and student involvement along with teachers to partner in the learning process, adding parent education as one of our primary goals.
  • Foster a positive school atmosphere and a high level of trust for parents and teachers, encouraging them to work together for the benefit of the children.

Everyone at Lincoln Prairie has a unique mix of talents, time, and treasures; the Parent Teacher Student Association gives everyone the opportunity to share them. There is a real sense of community here, which comes from everyone’s participation. From the smallest kindergartners to the eighth graders preparing for graduation, from the staff to the parents and grandparents, there are opportunities for everyone to be involved in making Lincoln Prairie a great place to be.

Over 30 years of research has proven that children are more successful when their parents are involved at home and at school.  Grades and test scores climb, self esteem grows, and schools improve.  Lincoln Prairie recognizes these outcomes.  Parents and grandparents are encouraged to participate in school activities.  The Parent Teacher Student Association offers many opportunities for involvement.

While our activities are open to all, we do hope you will become a member.  We will work together and share in the fun.   We look forward to getting you know you!


Communities draw on the support of each other in order to get through difficult times. There are many avenues to pursue if your family is experiencing a financial, emotional or physical hardship. The school can help provide support and resources for all situations. The Lincoln Prairie Parent Teacher Student Association has a Helping Hands committee that adds tremendous support to families experiencing hardships of any kind. Please contact your child’s teacher, the school office, principal, social worker or Parent Teacher Student Association Helping Hands Liaison for more information.