November 15, 2020

Dear Lincoln Prairie Community,

We are thrilled to reach out this week with a couple new resources to help engage your families in positive experiences. You will see references below to the Lincoln Prairie Library’s Virtual Library and checkout. Please take time to sit as a family and look at ALL the resources Mrs. Kraft and Mrs. Kern have made available. It is visually engaging, as well as your go to resource for books while at home! The next is a series of learning experiences from Shawn Achor entitled The Optimistic Household. As many of you know, our school first engaged with Shawn Achor’s work on optimism and happiness back in 2017 and was even featured in his book, Big Potential! We hope your family makes these modules a priority to view together. We look forward to hearing how this work support’s your family during this time. 

Lincoln Prairie Information

Check out Books from the Lincoln Prairie Library

Are you and your child interested in accessing more physical copies of books? Now you can check out books from the Lincoln Prairie library and pick them up right here at school! Check out the Lincoln Prairie Virtual Library by clicking here for directions and information regarding resources and book check out protocols. We are excited to share our library with our community and get more books into the hands of our readers!

General Reminders – Remote Learning 

As we are entering the second trimester, we would like to make sure that our students are getting the most out of virtual learning.  Here are some tips:

  • Try to create a learning space with as little distractions as possible

  • Try to be in a space with the strongest internet connection, if possible

  • When you have a break, STEP AWAY FROM SCREENS!  Try to get some fresh air, have a healthy snack, drink water, listen to a song that makes you feel happy, or get your body moving to clear your mind, and get energized!  

While learning from home is not the same as school, you should treat your classes the same as you would in person:  

  • Be on time       

  • In person, you would never stand up and leave a class before being dismissed, so please do not leave your virtual classes before your teacher dismisses you. 

  • Keep your video on in class when possible.  It helps keep us connected, which can help us to feel happier!

  • Use the chat appropriately.  Use it for questions, or to answer when the teacher wants you to answer in chat.

Last but not least, please try to have a positive attitude!  We may not realize it, but the way we think may affect the way we act and feel. We will get through this together!

District 54 Information

Optimistic Household Series

District 54 and Schaumburg Parent University have some very exciting news – we have launched Optimistic Household! This is a six-part series led by Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage and The Orange Frog. 

During these unprecedented times, the social-emotional well being of our students is of utmost importance. By launching Optimistic Household, we aim to spark positivity, optimism and hope within our students and families. 

Optimistic Household builds upon these principles, supporting the skills students need to be college and career ready, as well as engaged citizens. Skills that will help them become resilient and resourceful learners, who are able to adapt and demonstrate grit as they face academic and other challenges. 

The neuroscience and data behind these principles reaffirm that students, who possess hope and optimism and embrace mistakes as part of the learning process, can become adaptable learners and succeed at higher levels both academically and personally. We are so pleased to be able to share this first-ever opportunity and important information with our community.

Please visit the Optimistic Household homepage by clicking here on our website to view Shawn Achor’s introduction and for more information about the series.

Optimistic Household Series: Module 1 Release

Are you a person who sees a glass half full? How are you helping your children to become optimistic, positive people? Help your child build their resilience as an optimistic person. The first Optimistic Household module, Happiness & Gratitude in Challenging Times, is now available for you to access with your family by clicking here to access the Optimistic Household homepage on the District 54 website. Don’t forget to share your family’s experiences with us on social media with #OptimisticHousehold and #54Happiness.

Schaumburg Parent University: Optimistic Household Virtual Discussion

Join the District 54 community at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 17, for a further look into Module 1, a chance to share your family’s experiences and for a sneak peek of Module 2! Please pre-register for this virtual session by clicking here. This session is also available in Spanish.

 Please click here to access the Optimistic Household 11-17 Virtual Discussion flyer in English.

Please click here to access the Optimistic Household 11-17 Virtual Discussion flyer in Spanish.

School District 54 Food Pantry at Keller Junior High 

The D54 Food Pantry at Keller is now open and ready to serve our District 54 families.  Any family that can use this support at this time is encouraged to use this community food pantry.  Although you will not be able to come into the pantry due to COVID restrictions, you will be able to order from the D54 Food Pantry either online or by phone in advance and then pick-up your ordered boxes that will be delivered to your car upon arrival.  Please click here to place your order online or call 847-357-2085 to request a food pantry pick-up.

Have a WONDERful weekend!

Amanda Stochl & Amanda Moore