September 18, 2020
Dear Lincoln Prairie community,

We had the pleasure of participating in our first Lincoln Prairie Parent Teacher Student Association meeting of the year, earlier this week. As part of the monthly Principal Report, we shared a short list of considerations to help with the learning from home relationships between parent and child. The 4 tips below are the foundation for many tried and true parenting tips we all know work! We’ve just taken them to be extremely helpful given the circumstances we are currently in. 

1.      Reset Your Expectations – We all have high expectations for our children, especially in the school environment. Take time to reflect on 1 “win” you’d like to see your child accomplish each day or week instead of attacking the “expectation list” as you normally would. Don’t look at it as letting go of expectations, but as redistributing them. Giving our children one focus area each day, lessens the pressure on them, given the different environment they are immersed in. 

2.      Take Plenty of Breaks – Whether you initiate a break for your child or the child learns when to get up from their work or screen, grab a drink, take a walk or play with the dog, knowing when a break is needed AND taking one is the key. Those of you that are also working at home, should take advantage of this reminder too. All of our teachers value this as well. By now, your child should know how to let the teacher know when they need to excuse themselves. If not, have them reach out and ask. 

3.      Prioritize Sleep – Both adults and children benefit from having proper amounts of sleep, especially during different or stressful times. Our brains, emotions and physical needs are all met with this important part of our day. As a reminder, recommendations are: Ages 5-12 = 10-12hrs, 13-18 = 8-9hrs, Over 18 = 7.5 or more!

4.      Let it Go – Realizing that you need to remind yourself what are big issues to address and what are small ones, can be difficult in the moment. Taking a breath and allowing yourself the chance to let it go and move on, may be a better way to handle a minor issue. As adults we can lead by example in many different ways. Staying calm and attempting to resolve problems shows them that working through difficulties can happen easily. 

We hope you find these reminders helpful as you head into the weeks ahead!

Fall Conferences:  October 8 and 9 

We look forward to connecting with you at our upcoming student conferences on Thursday, October 8, and Friday, October 9.  More information to come regarding our conference format and sign up.


Please continue to call our attendance line when your child is unable to partake in virtual learning due to vacation, appointments, or technology issues. 

Lincoln Prairie Parent Teacher Student Association

Snack Day is back! Please support the programs the Lincoln Prairie Parent Teacher Student Association provides by participating in the Snack Day Fundraiser at Menchies in Schaumburg. Bring in the attached flyer on September 25th and portions of the proceeds will be donated to the Lincoln Prairie Parent Teacher Student Association. 

Please click here to access the fundraiser flyer.

Schaumburg Parent University – Family Togetherness – September 24 

Join Alex Goreham, Clinical Supervisor and Therapist from Stenzel Clinical Services, as he navigates through the obstacles that childhood anxiety presents and how to be there for your children. During his presentation you will learn more about resilience and anxiety, understand what your kids need from you, learn practical ways to respond to anxiety and have your questions answered. This virtual class will be hosted on Zoom at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 24, 2020. Click here to register.

Click here for the Family Togetherness Flyer

District 54 Virtual Run to Read Weekend: Sept. 25-27  

The year 2020 has proven to be quite an unpredictable year for all of us. For the past 16 years, the District 54 Run to Read has been a race dedicated to promoting health and wellness for all ages. With that in mind, our 17th annual Run to Read is going virtual. Run or walk anytime from Sept. 25-27 and make sure to share your photos with us by using the hashtag #54Run2Read.

All money raised this year will be donated to the District 54 Foundation Crisis Fund, to provide food and other necessary supplies to District 54 families who are struggling financially during this pandemic. Please click here to read more about the District 54 Foundation Crisis Fund.

As in years past, you can choose from a variety of distances. Pick the distance that works for you and map out a route near your home. If walking is more your style, pick a distance and walk it instead.

Every registrant will receive a Tshirt and a medal. To receive the T-shirt before the event, please make sure to register by Sept. 8, 2020. Any orders received after Sept. 8 will be delivered to participants as soon as possible. T-shirts and medals will be shipped to your home.

For more information and to register, please click here.



Amanda Stochl & Amanda Moore