LP Press October 2, 2015

Posted October 2nd, 2015 by astochl

Good morning,

Can you believe it is already October? Between the drop in temperature and leaves falling, there is no doubt that fall is upon us.

We will host our October WSM today at 11:40in the gym for all of you who’d like to attend. It will be a full house as K/1 AND 2/3 students will be entertaining us with music and fun! There will be a number of club announcements and acknowledgement of our students who participated in the Fluid Power Challenge.

Please read through this week’s LP Press October 2, 2015. My article speaks to our upcoming Student led Conferences, as well as several pieces of helpful information from our PTSA.

Next week our annual Student Led Conferences take place. We look forward to the opportunity to sit down as a student – parent- teacher team and set our goals for the year. Our priority is to discuss opportunities for our students to take responsibility for their learning and to design an action plan that is focused on bettering themselves, not just a particular skill. If you haven’t scheduled your child’s conference, please call the office to set it up, today!

Lastly, due to a change in the Federal Communications Commission regulations, District 54 needs to receive parent permission to call your phones when school will be closed. You will not receive a phone call when we are closed due to weather unless you follow the steps in this InfoCenter and Texting Letter to Parents 9-15. Since signing up does require internet access, we will have computers available during conferences in our front hallway for families who do not have access to the internet in their homes.  We are hopeful this will give everyone the opportunity to sign up.


Have a wonderful weekend!

LP Press September 25, 2015

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Good afternoon,

We hope the sunshine has everyone looking forward to the weekend!

Please check out this week’s LP Press September 25 2015.

Have a wonderful weekend!

LP Press September 18, 2015

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We hope everyone is enjoying the day and ready for the weekend! Today was our first Project Development Time session! You’ll want to make sure to ask your children the name of their PDT, their teacher’s name and what they will be doing throughout the fall PDT session.

Please read through this week’s LP Press September 18 2015 for upcoming dates and PTSA information.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Amanda Stochl        Julie Gluff

Principal                    Assistant Principal

LP Press September 11, 2015

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We are excited to report another successful week! Over the weekend Mrs. Gomberg took some of our students to perform at Septemberfest. Today Mrs. Jones and Miss Heidkamp took a large group of 8th graders to Harper College to take part in the Fluid Power Challenge. On Wednesday we had our first Neighborhood activity. If you haven’t heard about it yet, make sure you ask your child. They should be able to tell you which neighborhood they are in, who their neighborhood teachers are, what Livin’ It behavior looks like at LP, as well as some fun things that took place. Next week is sure to be just as exciting!

Please read through this week’s LP Press September 11, 2015 for information, dates and more!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Amanda Stochl        Julie Gluff

Principal                    Assistant Principal

LP Press September 4, 2015

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We have enjoyed our first week with our Kindergarteners! They have quickly acclimated to routines and are enjoying being in school all day, every day. Thank you to all of the K/1 and Middle Level families for coming out for Curriculum Night this week. We hope you left with confidence in your child’s experiences this year. Further, if you have questions about information shared, expectations or clarifications, please reach out. Our teachers want to make your child’s year and yours a successful one.

Please take a few minutes to read through this week’s issues of the LP Press September 4, 2015. Upcoming events, dates and information are included.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Amanda Stochl        Julie Gluff

Principal                    Assistant Principal

LP Press and More

Posted August 28th, 2015 by astochl

Good afternoon,

What a fantastic week! It was so nice to have our students back this week. The energy in the building was an indication of great things already! Our 1st-8th graders had opportunities to get to know new classmates, dive into using their Imagination and enjoy learning new routines.

As we look to next week, please know that we have a lot of great things taking place that I’d like to invite you to attend. As a reminder:

Monday, August 31st          Kindergarten FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

9:15am Boo Hoo/Yahoo Brunch!

9:30-12:00 & 6:00-8:00pm PTSA event – One Day, One Pay

Tuesday, September 1st    K/1 Curriculum Night @ 5:45pm

Middle Level Curriculum Night @ 5:45pm

Friday, September 4th          First Whole School Meeting @ 11:40am

**Note time change**

We have had an increase in congestion during dismissal this week. In an effort to help all students get home quickly and safely, we ask that parents picking up students, find a meeting location to meet up with their child. Locations can include the park, the back path, the flag pole or your car. We have staff on duty every day that can help get your child there. We ask that you DO NOT pick up your child at the front door. The majority of our students exit out that door every day and having the area clear will help students exit the building and find buses in a safer and quicker manner.   Lastly, as a reminder, parents and students should always use the crosswalks when walking through the parking lot during arrival and dismissal. Walking between buses and the lot is not safe for anyone.

We have our first issue of this year’s LP Press August 28, 2015. As always our newsletter is packed with information, celebrations and school related information organized by our PTSA. This newsletter will be sent out weekly and will house all necessary information for the upcoming week and scheduled events. It will be sent out electronically each week. If you desire a paper copy sent home with your child instead, please contact our main office.

And last, but certainly not least, please join me in congratulating, Paula Falvo, our school secretary on receiving a prestigious Award of Recognition given by the Illinois State Board of Education. There is more information on The School District 54 website. We do not have to read the details that contributed to the nomination, nor the award, to know that her daily support, conversations and smile is what adds to the LP community.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week at our first Whole School Meeting of the year. You definitely don’t want to miss it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Amanda Stochl                    Julie Gluff

Principal                                Assistant Principal

Welcome Back

Posted August 12th, 2015 by astochl

Welcome Back! Although we still have a couple weeks until the new year begins, much is already being done in preparation for the 2015-2016 school year. Lincoln Prairie staff have been meeting to plan for the year, many have taken classes and workshops to better themselves professionally and are looking forward to our annual staff retreat later this week! PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) committees have been meeting in an effort to create memorable events for our community this summer as well.

As you already know, we are welcoming some new faces and names to our Lincoln Prairie family this year! Most notably, Erin Mayer is our new Music Education and Performing Arts teacher. Erin student taught with us several years ago and has since worked as a Music Education teacher in Yorkville School District #115. Her successful experiences with students and families are a direct result of her outgoing personality and passions for performance and people. We are extremely fortunate to have Mrs. Mayer joining our staff. Please join me in welcoming her to Lincoln Prairie.

And other “changes” to note. Congratulations to April Hubbard, now April Rakestraw and Rebecca Penio, now Rebecca Starck on their recent weddings. And for those of you that didn’t hear at the end of the school year, we welcomed Chase Brosk to the LP family as well.

~ Please mark your calendars with the following dates ~

Thursday, August 20th                        Back to School Community Picnic

5-6pm Supply Drop Off. 6pm Picnic

Monday, August 24th                           1st-8th grade FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

Monday, August 31st                          Kindergarten FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

9:15am Boo Hoo Brunch!

9:30-12:00 & 6:00-8:00pm PTSA event – One Day, One Pay

Tuesday, September 1st                    K/1 Curriculum Night @ 5:45pm

Middle Level Curriculum Night @ 5:45pm

Middle Level Sports Meeting, immediately following

Friday, September 4th                     First Whole School Meeting @ 11:40am **Note time change**

Monday, September 7th                    NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, September 8th                      7pm PTSA Meeting **Childcare provided**

Tuesday, September 15th                    4/5 Curriculum Night @ 5:45pm

Wednesday, September 16th               12:15pm Early Dismissal

2/3 Curriculum Night @ 5:45pm

Sunday, September 27th                      Run to Read

We hope to see parents and families at the events listed above. The information presented and available at these events are sure to provide you with all the tools you need to help your child(ren) be successful this year. As parents, you will also have opportunities to sign up for conferences, volunteer and/or get to know other parents, staff members and families better!

Here’s to a fabulous year!


Amanda Stochl                         Julie Gluff

Principal                                   Assistant Principal

One School, One Book!

Posted June 25th, 2015 by Ms. Olivia Jones

Mr LemoncelloDear Families,


Lincoln Prairie staff is pleased to continue our community building project called “One School, One Book”! We have purchased a copy of Mr. Lemoncello’s Library for every family at Lincoln Prairie. The story is set in a futuristic library with hover ladders that float library patrons to the books they have chosen! The fabulous new library even has an IMAX theater. Kyle, the main character, is one of 12 contest winners who will spend the night in the library before it’s open to the public. In the morning they find the doors still locked and must solve book-related puzzles in order to find their way out and win a fabulous prize!

The goal is that every family reads the book this summer before arriving at the picnic. We hope that families reading together will spark rich conversations and maybe even debates. Let the adventure begin.

What is “One School, One Book” you ask?

  • It is a spring board to a summer of reading!
  • It is an opportunity for students, parents, and staff to have a common experience over the summer.
  • When we return to school it will be a unique opportunity for students, parents, and staff to discuss a book.

You will notice that we have included a few activities for you to complete and bring with you to the picnic:

  • A picture of your family that is somehow related to the ideas in the book. You might be reading, at a library, or playing a game together. Read the book and see if you come up with your own unique idea!
  • A t-shirt you can wear to the picnic that represents Mr. Lemoncello’s Library .

Enjoy your summer and the book! We can’t wait to see you in August!

Mrs. Stochl


Lincoln Prairie School


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