LP Press 5-29-15

Posted May 29th, 2015 by astochl

We are down to the last weeks of school and tons of dates and information coming your way. Please take a deep breathe, read carefully and highlight anything that applies to your child.  All classroom teachers should be sending home an email today (or yesterday) regarding details for next week’s WITWILP and Whole School Field Trip. Please read through that information carefully so that your child is prepared and can enjoy the days!

Don’t forget to check out this week’s LP Press May 29 2015. We have outlined important dates throughout the remainder of the year, as well as important PTSA and school information.

Have a great weekend!

LP Press May 22, 2015

Posted May 22nd, 2015 by astochl

Thank you to everyone for attending Portfolio Night on Monday. It was so nice to see families huddled around portfolios, noting improvements, reminiscing about activities and lessons and enjoying the artifacts.  The Art Exhibit and Sale, as well as the Book Fair were successful as well. Both the Art Department and Library will benefit greatly from your generosity. We know the students sure enjoyed browsing and purchasing too.

Please read through this week’s LP Press May 22 2015 to ensure you do not miss out on anything we have going on.

We hope everyone is looking forward to the long weekend. The extra day will hopefully get everyone relaxed to head into the last few weeks of school with a positive mindset and ready for all the fun that awaits!

LP Press 5-8-15

Posted May 8th, 2015 by astochl

Words cannot express how truly loved the LP staff felt this week. Teacher Appreciation was amazing. From The Taco Bar Monday, through breakfasts, appetizers and treats we enjoyed all that was brought in this week. Early on in the week a parent asked if they could do something “more” for the staff than bring in something to eat. I replied how meaningful our staff feels these gestures are. To not have to pack lunches and  breakfasts and to always have a sweet treat waiting in the lounge means more than we could ever express!  Even more, the children’s kind letters of appreciation made the week absolutely perfect! On behalf of the entire LP staff, thank you so very much for thinking enough of us to make, buy and donate so much to us this week. It really made this a very special week!

Thank you to those families that already volunteered to be a New Family Mentor! We held another lottery draw this week and are in desperate need for 6 more mentor families. If you have not yet sent your name to the office, please consider doing so. We need YOU!

Lastly, please check out this week’s LP Press May 8 2015. We have more requests for volunteers for events taking place throughout the last weeks of school. Please check it out and let us know if you can help. Speaking of volunteers . . . for those of you who haven’t experienced a WITWILP (Where Ijn The World Is Lincoln Prairie) event yet, you do not want to miss it. It only comes around every three years and last time it involved over 150 volunteers, days of fun with students and staff and an enormous feeling of what LP is all about. Our Immigration Exploration is surely one you do not want to miss!

Have a wonderful weekend!


LP Press May 1, 2015

Posted May 1st, 2015 by astochl

What a beautiful way to start the month of May – the sun is shining and we have a WSM this afternoon!

We are looking forward to this afternoon’s WSM. As you know, we will be honoring our volunteers during the meeting. In addition, we have recognitions, performances and some of our usual favorites! We hope to see you there.

Please read through this week’s LP Press May 1 2015 Information on different ways to get involved is included. Check it out and see how YOU can help!

Have a wonderful weekend!

LP Press April 24, 2015

Posted April 24th, 2015 by astochl

Good morning,

We are well into the day and the sun is shining . . .hopefully that means we will have a wonderful afternoon and weekend!

Please take time to read through this week’s LP Press April 24 2015.  You’ll want to pay special attention to our Volunteer Appreciation event taking place during next Friday’s May Whole School Meeting. Whether you volunteer through PTSA, help in the classroom, chaperone a field trip or are helping your child at home, you have partnered with school and should be honored! We hope you can make it next Friday at 1:15pm.

Have a wonderful weekend!

LP Press 4-17-15

Posted April 17th, 2015 by astochl

We hope everyone is planning on enjoying the sunshine later this afternoon or throughout the weekend! It definitely will be a good break from the hectic week.

Please take some time to look through this week’s LP Press April 17 2015. As a reminder, we will be hosting a spring clean-up tomorrow morning if you are interested in helping out. More information is included inside the LP Press.

Have a wonderful weekend!

LP Press April 10, 2015

Posted April 10th, 2015 by astochl

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is ready for what looks like a better day today. Between the rain and crazy temperatures, I was looking forward to some sunshine today!

Please read through this week’s LP Press April 10 2015 for important information.

Don’t forget about our April Whole School Meeting today at 1:15pm, followed by our Celebrate Reading and Writing event. Our classrooms will be open to visit as students participate in authentic reading and writing experiences from 2:00-3:00pm.

Lastly, Thank you to everyone who donated their time to read to our students this week. Classrooms were a buzz all week with the excitement of their guest readers. Taking time out of your schedules to enjoy the school day with your children is something they will not forget. If this week didn’t work into your schedule, feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher and schedule something for later this year.

Have a wonderful weekend!

LP Press April 2, 2015

Posted April 2nd, 2015 by astochl

It was so nice to have students back at school this week. Although the week break is always a nice time to slow down and relax, it felt good to get back in to a schedule this week.

Please read through this week’s LP Press April 2 2015. Not only are there a number of important PTSA and district announcements, we have a number of dates you’ll want to make sure you get on the calendar.

We are trying something new next week. To culminate our Read Across America week of events ( check out the LP Press for events each day,) we will be hosting our Celebrate Reading and Writing event during the school day immediately following the April Whole School Meeting next Friday, April 10th. Classrooms will host parents and provide an opportunity to engage in what’s happening in the classroom.

We hope you enjoy the weekend and look forward to seeing you next Friday!

LP Press March 20, 2015

Posted March 20th, 2015 by astochl

Whether you are traveling or staying close to home, have a safe, restful, fun week!

Don’t forget to read through this week’s LP Press March 20 2015!

Amanda Stochl & Julie Gluff

LP Press 3-13-15

Posted March 13th, 2015 by astochl

Thank goodness spring came quickly this week! The students have enjoyed the warmer weather and constant sunshine. The energy in the building this week was upbeat, positive; a testament to how important nice weather is to our emotional state!

Please look through this week’s LP Press March 13 2015 for district and school specific information, dates and recognition.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead!