Choosing Lincoln Prairie

Is Lincoln Prairie School the right place for my child? 

Questions to Ask Yourself, Your Child’s Teacher, Your Child

  • Is my child happy working in an active, hands-on environment that allows students to use manipulatives daily?
  • Does my child enjoy working collaboratively with others?
  • Is my child a self-starter – one who is self-motivated and enthusiastic about discovering and exploring his/her own learning?
  • Am I comfortable with alternative modes of assessment – in addition to letter grades?
  • Am I comfortable with multiage groupings?
  • Am I comfortable not having individually assigned textbooks for each class?
  • Am I able to be supportive and involved in my child’s education by being available to help my child with his/her projects, taking trips to the local library, coordinating opportunities for my child to work with other children after school, assisting in the classroom or with school activities?